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Project Director Standardization and Consulting
Infineon Technologies AG

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Mobile: +49 171 5210003
Fax:     +49 3212 1009090

E-Mail: michael@hegenbarth.com

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Short Biography:

Michael Hegenbarth, Project Director Standardization for Infineon Technolgies AG, is one of the original developers of communication security techniques based in chip cards used in digital signature applications. Chairman and delegate since 1986 in various international card standardization groups in ISO/IEC, CEN and ETSI. In 1988 he pushed the SIM card standard together with France Telecom. Chairman of Germany’s standardization committee for cards and personal identification since 1993, since 2014 vice chairman.

He has chaired the ISO/IEC JTC1 working group SC17/WG8 for contactless interfaces since 1990 and initiated the ISO/IEC 14443 standard in 1991, which is billionwise used in credit and payment cards, additionally in identification cards and ePassports.

In 1997 he invented the idea of combining mobile phones with the contactless interface, which has been driven forward under the term NFC since 2002. Meanwhile millions of mobile phones are equipped with NFC and thus considerably provide convenience in daily life applications, e.g. for payment.

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